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Tarmac is the cheapest method of laying a hard surface, it is time consuming and required special tools, so if the driveway is of a suitable size than this method can be used.

This process was developed by John Macadam. He used tar to hold small stones together. Now a days a binding agent called bitumen is used.

Our expert road surfacers are always ready to carry out professional tarmacing projects in private roads and driveways and to your exact specifications. We work efficiently and without causing unnecessary disruptions, and all our work is fully insured and guaranteed. The result is a professionally finished driveway that will add value and elegance to your property.

The more traditional and most cost effective method of laying a hard surface, tarmacking has been used and developed for decades. The method was invented by John McAdams, developed over time and now consists of small stones held together by a material called Bitumen.

Although time consuming and requiring special tools, this method can be used if the driveway is of a suitable size.

We have expert road surfaces ready to carry out professional tarmacking projects on private roads and driveways. Our team is highly efficient and work efficiently without causing unnecessary disruptions. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed.


Asphalt is a bitumen based material usually laid by a paver machine but it’s possible to be hand laid.

A layer of 40mm thickness of asphalt is laid on the top of a pre coated stone surface as it cools it bounds with the surface underneath allowing several years of wear and tear. Call the best company called Safeway Driveways today for more information and estimates, we are just one call away, dial now.