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Tarmac companies Fife

Tarmac Companies Fife

Safeway Driveways: The Only Tarmac Laying Company In Fife To Consider. Call Today For A Free Survey And QuoteTarmac Companies Fife

Safeway Driveways provide a professional tarmac laying and resurfacing service for Fife, no matter the size of the project. Our many years of experience in the industry means we can offer the very best professionals working today.The best testimony or review we can claim to receive for our work is our repeat client business record. We are one of the leading tarmac companies for Fife.

Reliable, Attractive, And Long-Lasting Professional Work

Depending on the size, asphalt can be the most affordable solution for tarmacking a driveway. Professionally installed tarmac drives are attractive and hardy. There are three steps necessary to tarmac a driveway, beginning with groundwork and foundations. We will dig down to roughly 60mm; then a base of crushed hardcore, is laid along with edging curbstones, or, a decorative stone will be laid on either side, which will be supported as the tarmac laying is completed.Two layers of tarmac are laid. The first is a rough base, and this is where we are able to reuse your existing drive materials and off-cuts through recycling. The top layer is called the “wearing course”. We roll out the base layer flat with a heavy-duty roller until the roller will not leave a mark. Then, finally, we lay the top course, which is made of smaller grains so there’s a more attractive and harder finish. We only accept a 5mm tolerance across the levels. This is why Safeway Driveways are one of the leading tarmac companies for Fife.

You will be able to use our tarmac drives within an hour, but we advise extra care during the first two weeks after laying e.gavoiding turning your car wheels when the car is still stationary. If it becomes necessary, it is possible for the drive to be rejuvenated in the future by skimming the wearing course layer, and then re-laying. This is not something that is possible with a crumbling concrete drive. This technique is known as ‘overlay’ and can be best understood, perhaps, as a ‘makeover’, a possible consideration if you decide to sell your property.

Tarmac For Sale, Prepared, and Delivered To Your Site

Are you considering laying a tarmac driveway or road? Whether it’s for a private driveway or a much larger commercial project, if you’re looking for tarmacadam for your own use, then we at Safeway Driveways for Fife are happy to supply and deliver these direct to you. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to give you a personalised quote.

Safeway Driveways for Fife offer complete tarmac surfacing services, from driveways tarmac laying, to road tarmac laying, tennis courts and car park laying (as well as line marking), and playground surfacing, including maintenance work on all. We undertake all site preparation and groundwork needed with affordable options.

Call Safeway Driveways today for any and all tarmac jobs in Fife.


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