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Road Surfacing

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Road Surfacing

The surface area of the area involved is removed. Up to 50mm thick asphalt is spread over it.


In course of time the surface covered by tarmacadem warn out, it is replaced by a new surface of tarmacadem .

Road Marking:

It is a white line which fully complies with safety and road usage , and our
team can provide professional road markings for car parks , bus lanes, cycle
lanes and pedestrians roads.

Our team also uses Cold grip high performance thermostat resin road surfacing material on areas requiring colour demarcation on surfaces such as roads,car parks cycle lanes and foot bridges.

Here at Safeway Driveways we have block paving and tarmac specialists ready to provide new dressing for old roads, ideal for agricultural, business and residential purposes. As in all of our work we are dedicated to meeting our customers needs offering surface dressing, Tarmac, pot hole repair and the widening of or construction of roads.

Centrally located Safeway Driveways provide the best rates for surface dressing asphalt and for new road builds. Our system is based on products that have been used on roads and highways for years withstanding high levels of traffic. Tried and tested, this method has excellent adhesion allowing it to be fully bonded to move with the substrate. We utilise a single process and layers which saves time onsite and minimizes disruption. With no risk from hot works, this system can be applied year round, at temperatures as low as 0 degrees, with no significant extension of cure times. As always our aim is to provide the best service to our customer with the lowest disruption time.

As specialists in Tarmac and surface dressing, also known as tar and chipping, we provide a fantastic finish for all our customer no matter what the project. Whatever the size and shape of your project your needs will be met with our helpful, friendly and highly professional team.